Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Card Class

I recently conducted a card craft gathering.
It was at a women's retreat & they slotted
some time for ladies to get creative.

There were 20 openings for a purchase of
4 cards for $5.  That's a good amazing deal,
when someone else does all the paper cutting!



This last card is all stamped & required less effort on my part.
It also gave the gals a very different looking card,
since personal styles differ.
The precut process for the other cards was labor intense!
Four circles & three papers for one card?
What was I thinking!?

The pink "thank you" was a little better.
I love how the chevron paper & elaborate
flourish give this card a heap of style.
One of my favorite card tips to others is:
Great patterned paper can make all the difference.


Here is the box of 80!
Due to extreme heat, the food hall where we set up was rather
miserable.  The A/C couldn't keep up with all the bodies in there.
So many chose to go swimming during craft time.
I can't say that I blame them.
Who knew you could work up a sweat just making cards?!
The 6 kits I had left are already done up & ready to sell in
my craft booth or will be bundled for Christmas gifts!


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