Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pumpkin Cards

We are inching closer to Halloween,
although I'm just excited for fall in general.
Here is the color challenge from
Unity Stamp Company:
Pretty spooky, I know!
I don't sell many Halloween cards
and it's a gamble that I'll mail
any out, but here are my card
creations just for the fun of it....

The stamp sets used are
I cut the pumpkin on my Cricut.
Which reminds me,
I need to go cut my pumpkins
from the vine in the garden before
the deer sneak in and eat them!
Plus we just had 5 inches of rain in
24 hours, so they're sitting in puddles
anyhow! It's the strangest fall ever 
here in Minnesota.
Do YOU grow your own pumpkins?


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