Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cut those photos!

Every once in a while, I make it a point to cut a person out of a photograph.  Either the background is distracting or it would make a funny page.  You can put people in scenes.  I've seen people put kid's heads sticking out of sleeping bags.  I put my son driving a die cut jeep one time.  Get creative & cut those kids out!

This photo had a rock in the background, behind my son's head.  It just bugged me!

Cutting him out brings it to life & gives you more dimension, plus it's less distraction.

It's a simple page with lots of star die cuts & multiple colored gems.  I'm still pretty pleased, a simple page is refreshing once in a while.

I love the action sequence of these photos.  It's so fun for a little tike to splash in a rock puddle. 

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