Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Mess

I've been waiting to show my scrapping area, hoping to give it a good clean & organization.  But, frankly, that might take until eternity.  So, here is the brutal honest truth:

I know!  I can hardly get to my chair.  And it's an old paint chair...embarrassing.  On a positive note, the vinyl bird image is my creation.  I love it, and have never gotten sick of seeing it! 

I cut that out of Indie Arts (bird) & Accent Essentials ( sparkles).  I pondered what to put up for a long time.  This turned out good & I've been very pleased.  It's inspiring.  I need a little sparkly creative magic once in a while!

Now, back to the mess.  I did make use of a free spice rack.  Wooden stamps fit on it very nicely.

I do need to tweak my cameras, so they are more attractively displayed.  Oh, who am I kidding...the mess will out weigh any cute displays!!!!

This bookshelf & desk set was free from an old employer.  They had upgraded and just wanted it out.  Originally it was in a "U" shape, but my little room just couldn't allow such a set-up. 

The room is my "spare" bedroom.  But my crafts overflow onto the bed!  Again, embarrassing.

Chicken wire.  Don't you have THAT hanging in your room too?  I'm pretty sure I have a little bit of everything in my room.

Here are my cartridges.  It's not the best storage, but the fruit crate does it's job.

Now that my room has been thoroughly exposed,  I almost feel better, like I've been to confession or attended an AA meeting.

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