Sunday, June 12, 2011


I took my niece & youngest boy to the Spam Museum in Minnesota.  It is a first class place, the kids loved it.  I had so many cute pictures that I couldn't widdle it down to one page.  I haven't done a "double whammy" in a while.  It's kind of fun having a bigger unit to work on!

It's really basic, with only four colors.  Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I can work on a white background!  The squiggle lines were cut on the Creative Memories trimmer.  I then combined circles & stars for a bold, basic look. 

When my sister & mom picked us up, I got a photo taken holding the spatula!  Isn't it hilarious!?

The final touch to this page was my ribbon bow!  I crafted it out of stapled loops, then bound them together with a final mini loop.  The tails are fake, just tacked them right on the page.

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  1. sooo cute Jane!!! That ribbon bow is really creative, I like the colors you used too!